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Our Solar System
Moving Earth
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Lessons 4 & 5. These lessons are about the history of astronomy and the people who are responsible for our views of astronomy today.They are based on the evidence that they provided and the conclusions that they drew and it looks at the reliability, or otherwise, of that evidence. The emphasis is on the evidence that survives today and how that initial evidence was accepted at the time. It is important that the pupils realise that the perspective of the evidence can change over time and how new evidence makes people think and re-evaluate previous evidence.

Lesson 4 is concerned with documentary evidence from five different types of sources; primary sources (postcard and diary) and secondary sources (books, newspapers and the internet). In each case the authenticity of the source and the possibility of bias can be discussed. Pupils follow the historical development of ideas in astronomy over time; sometimes not much happens and then a new technology such as the telescope can lead to several major advances quite quickly.

Lesson 5 is a dramatised audio discussion between the five astronomers from lesson 4 (Aristotle, Copernicus, Galileo, Caroline Herschel and Clyde Tombaugh) which illustrates how their ideas were accepted (or not) and built upon. Scientific method places emphasis on hypothesis and the need for evidence before a theory can be formulated and this lesson also looks at the different elements of scientific method. Present day astronomers at the CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory explain what they do and what they hope to find out about in space.

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Is There Water On Mars

  Surface Of Mars
Water On Earth   Audio Tape Script
Time Line Cards Prompt   Background On Astronomers

Postcard From Aristotle


Copernicus Book

The Pisa Express   The Vatican News
Caroline Herschel   Clyde Tombaugh Diary
Astronomers From The Past   Time Line Cards
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Space Scientists Today    

Surface of Mars Canals

  Surface of Mars
What Is The Moon Made Of?   Is There Life On Mars?
Was Einstein Right?   What Is Mercury Made of?
The Sun's Behaviour   Finding New Planets
Because I Said So    


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