Our Solar System
Moving Earth
Using Models
Setting the Scene
Our Solar System
Moving Earth
Using Models
Because I Said So!
Is Pluto A Planet?
Mission To Pluto
Putting It All together

This project covers the QCA Key Stage 3 unit of work 7L "The Solar System and beyond" through an "ideas and evidence" approach. It is a unique opportunity to use contemporary information and images that are updated regularly on a dedicated website for Year 7 pupils (www.seeingscience.cclrc.ac.uk).

Each lesson is designed to last an hour, but can be extended if necessary. The teacher notes offer additional guidance on the lesson plans and include ideas for differentiation, possible homework, a list of resources needed and details of useful websites. Background information to support teachers is also available.

All lesson plans include lesson objectives (WALT) and differentiated outcomes (WILF). Suggested starter and plenary activities are included as well as the main lesson activities.

Lessons 1 and 2 should be taught first to consolidate Key Stage 2 work. Lesson 3 can be delivered at any stage as it offers opportunities to consolidate or extend pupil learning. Lessons 4 and 5 focus on historical evidence. Lesson 6 needs to be delivered before Lesson 7.

Lessons 8 and 9 give pupils opportunities to communicate their work creatively. They also allow pupils to revisit concepts that may need further work.

Appropriate SAT questions can be found in 'Setting the Scene' and can be used for assessment.

New information and ideas, updates on space missions and helpful hints can be found on the dedicated website at www.seeingscience.cclrc.ac.uk.

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